Talos Blockchain - the Layer 1, built for metaverses

Our mission is to allow the mechanism for the metaverse to operate by allowing users to show their proof of ownership and transfer value, all within the governance model of the metaverses.

the backbone of numerous dapps

What is talos?

Robust, powerful and reliable

Talos is a public permissioned EVM-compatible blockchain network.


Talos is based on a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) model.


Talos can handle around 150 transactions/sec, with a block time of 5s.


ICHOR is Talos native token and also acts as a utility token to pay for transactions on Talos Blockchain.

Open Source

A range of open source tools to help get your apps off the ground.

Economic model

2-tier model

On Talos Blockchain, blocks are validated by a maximum of 15 miners, who each hold a revenue-bearing subNFT from Lootverse. Under the 2-tier model, Miners share the reward of 1.5% of economic activity of Lootverse, and Transaction fees. And Users enforce the staking mechanism on Talos with rewards based on their staking proportion.

accessing blockchain services

Deploying on Talos

A public blockchain network, allowing developers, startups and enterprises to build with blockchain technology. ICHOR is required to access blockchain-related services, which can bought via OTC on Lootverse, or on any exchange selling ICHOR, or get ICHOR as reward for staking.

Talos, as your blockchain network