Talos x Lootverse

Talos – Layer 1 of Lootverse

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Foundational Layer

Talos Blockchain derives income from the economic activity of the Lootverse.


Talos Blockchain economic benefit is linked to a Type H plot on the Lootverse, derived by 1.5% of all economic activity on Lootverse. Only 1 Type H plot exists, divided into 15 sub-NFTs that are validator keys to the network.


ICHOR is available to in-world exchanges on the Lootverse. The ICHOR is designed to be at a significantly low cost, a fraction of a US cent, since the network's economic benefit is linked to the Type H plot and not the sale of the ICHOR itself. ICHOR will be required to be used as gas for peer-to-peer transfers.

Real-world Applications

The different designs of the Lootverse can be utilized for real-world applications as it replicates real-life interactions very closely. Through a portal, it is possible to create applications (by Portal Operators) or to white label core Lootversian sites (by Loot NFT) for enterprises.


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